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Our vehicles are reliable, comfortable, spacious and can accommodate a large number of people. So, if you have any funeral service, you can make your bookings and we will make your ceremony successful. We also offer transport back and, therefore, your guests will not get stranded no matter the time.

 If you are looking for better entertainment sites, Mansfield is the place to be. You can never go wrong if you choose Mansfield town as the place has several entertainment sites. There is the Palace Theatre, which is located on Leeming Street, and it is the major entertainment site in the area. The theatre has been offering live shows, and it’s known for Civic Hall and Civic theatre. It can accommodate a large number of people also. There is also the Mansfield museum, which located on the Leeming Street and near the Place theatre. The museum once won the Guardian Family-friendly museum award in the year 2011. The town has a multiplex cinema, and there is also Entertainment Park on the outskirts. Some other places offer live music and bands like Kirkland Avenue, which also offer drinking spas and conference rooms. If you are in Mansfield and want to attend any of these entertainment sites, you can contact our Mansfield Minibus Hire and get the best services from our fleet. We offer a 24-hour service and, therefore, if you are having a night out with your friends at Mansfield town, don’t get stranded in those wee hours of the night. Our drivers are qualified and can navigate every location at night and will ensure you will get to your destination safely.


There is a major event, which is final and is usually held in the town’s Titchfield Park known as the party in the park. This event holds a wide range of activities. There are performances from the dance groups that are composed of natives, live music performed by the local bands and also face paintings, which are normally embraced by children. Stags also happen in the town. Mansfield Minibus Hire will offer the best travel services to any of these events. At Mansfield minibus, we have learned from our experience as we have been providing travel services for the last 15 years. Our highly qualified chauffeured transportation come with value-based pricing and it is packed with by skilled customer service, which is available at any hour of the day or night. We have fleets that will offer the best transport services to the festivals and stags. Filled with cosiness, efficiency, reliability and safety, every vehicle in Mansfield Minibus Hire is a valued addition to the family. You can also organise a school trip for children to attend any festival at Titchfield, and they will enjoy great face paintings. Mansfield Minibus Hire has vehicles that will give your children the safest travel. With our vast fleet and wide-ranging network, we’re able to offer the best suggestions for minibus and coach hire in Mansfield and its environs.  Drivers at Mansfield will assist your children if they need any assistance.

Vehicles used by Mansfield Minibus Hire

To travel from one place to the next, the most reliable option is hiring a minibus for a group of friends or family. In Mansfield Minibus Hire, we strive to provide you with the best coach hire that you can come across. Ergonomic, modern and spacious interiors are a feature of all our vehicles, and they provide an outstanding level of comfort to all our clients on long journeys.  

You can choose from a wide array of options when you pick Mansfield Minibus Hire. From the exterior to the interior along with different features, you can select it all along with a customisation of the vehicle to exactly get what you want.  Mansfield Minibus Hire offers Executive and standard coach hire. Our vehicles have vetted specifications, thus offering our customers the best in comfort, reliability and quality. All quotes by Mansfield Minibus Hire are subject to availability.

Mansfield Minibus Hire is proud to present to you one of the options of the minibus from the Volkswagen manufacturer. It is available in four different lengths and three heights, which means all the more options for your various needs. The German-built gives it further reliability, ensuring that the vehicle will not fail to make you satisfied. The Volkswagen Crafter is also available as a 17-seater, and you can also get the medium wheelbase as a 14-seater. Our 16-26 Seater capacity vehicles offer all the kinds of services for weddings, birthdays, proms stag and Hen nights. We believe in quality standards and professionalism regarding service delivery, and this has made our buses to be popular among corporate clients for various Business events and outings. Drivers at Mansfield Minibus Hire possess personal sensitiveness while guaranteeing timely arrivals and departure for any event.

What is even more attractive about this vehicle is its flexibility for diverse reasons such as wheelchair access through an internal or underfloor tail lift. Further attachments allow for more space for the passenger seats and wheelchair occupants as well.

The Volkswagen minibus is applicable for schools, care homes, charities, community transport and even for basic secure transport to and from places.

Technologically advanced Ford minibus is bound to attract you with its extensive list of options, and the sleek exterior. Features such as headlights that turn on when needed or the option to connect your phone and an automatic tracking device are some of the many reasons that people choose the Ford minibus for their travelling needs. The Ford minibus will not disappoint you, but instead, it will prove to be an escape from your daily worries.

Along with this, Mansfield Minibus Hire provides you many different options and different sizes of minibuses along with diverse price ranges too. Starting from an 18-seater, we even provide minibuses for huge groups up to a double-decker 72-seater coaches. Day trips to the Parks are marvellous when you enjoy the excitement of riding in comfort, allowing our experienced drivers to take the wheel. We enjoy making tours and trips to the famous sightseeing locales and our experienced drivers masterfully navigate the busy streets in popular areas.

Mansfield Minibus Hire also offers outstanding and busy Airport minibus transfers to and from the Airports. We are able to monitor all flights and, therefore, our drivers meet you at the airport and will accommodate all your transportation needs to any destination in Mansfield. We also ensure that you avoid any hassle related to your luggage as our drivers will help you carry the baggage to our buses. Our buses are spacious and any kind of luggage will still be accommodated. We also ensure the safety of your luggage as we make sure you avoid the unnecessary crowds and also the long queues at the airport. Book with us and enjoy your arrivals and departures stress-free when you give us the opportunity to provide the luxurious transportation.

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