Depending on where you are planning to visit in the town of Mansfield, whether you are breaking for a holiday, a visit to the park or simply site seeing, Mansfield Minibus Hire is your go-to for comfort and reliability. Mansfield Minibus Hire provides buses and coaches to individuals, tour operators and other smaller groups. Our services are available both day and night and, therefore, never get stranded whenever you are in Mansfield or its environs. The coaches and minibuses at our company will cater for all your transport needs. Our buses and coaches are the best for a great many reasons, which include the following:

•    24/7 Customer support

At Mansfield Minibus Hire, we offer services any time of the day or night. Whether you have a night out with your friends or even a stag, don’t get stranded in the town for lack of transport. We will ensure you reach your destination safely. In addition to the relief of not being the designated driver, is the heightened level of security that can come from using Mansfield Minibus Hire coach services.  You will experience peace of mind in knowing how safe you are. Our drivers are fully uniformed and, therefore, it will be easy to notice them even at night. They also have great experience records, which makes them able to navigate the town even at night. Our booking services can also be done at any time of the day or night. Don’t hesitate to book with us and enjoy our excellent services.

•    Reliable

Undoubtedly, one of the most inspiring motives about travelling via bus and coach is the reliability they offer compared to other forms of transport. You can rely on our services whenever you’d like to reduce any form of stress relating to transportation; whether it’s due to the busy roads or even massive traffic jams. At Mansfield Minibus Hire and coach hire, you can rely on us anytime and any day. Our sales team is also ready to answer any question that you might have or even help you in the booking process.

 •    Booking flexibility

At Mansfield minibus Hire, we have proven to be very flexible. With such a wide range of vehicles, we can offer you a package of your choice. If you are travelling with a small group of people, our 8-seater minibus is there to offer the service to you. In case you want to take a trip as a large group of people, we still have vehicles that will provide that ideal package. Our booking services are also flexible as you can do it online or even visit our premises.

•    Professional

Mansfield Minibus Hire is professional when it comes to our coaches and buses and even in terms of service delivery. Our firm has been in the business for the last 15 years and, therefore, you can never go wrong by choosing Mansfield Minibus Hire. Our drivers are thoroughly vetted and consequently, they will give you professional services. They will also ensure that you get the best customer service and satisfaction.

•    Quality vehicles

At Mansfield Minibus Hire, you can choose from a wide array of options. From the exterior to the interior along with different features, you can select it all along with a customisation of the vehicle here and there to exactly get what you want.  Mansfield Minibus Hire offers executive and standard coach hire. All our vehicles have vetted specifications, thus offering our customers the best in comfort, reliability and quality. Our vehicles have not operated more than six years and we ensure they are serviced regularly.  If you have any trip, get comfortable and let the driver take the wheel and don’t worry about any inconveniences like breakdowns because we offer nothing but quality vehicles and top-notch services.

•    Simple Quotes

We have the simplest quotes at Mansfield minibus Hire. Make your bookings today and enjoy our services.

Our Bus and Coach Company

If you are visiting Mansfield or desire to hire a minibus in this town, the amount of experience that we have is limitless. Offering coach hires services in Mansfield for years and years on end has allowed us to understand how our customers operate and their demands. We supply what they want from us.

Mansfield Minibus Hire provides both coach-hire and minibus hire, which means that we accommodate small, as well as large groups, making it easy for you.

With the changing trends over the world, people have started to enjoy their freedom and what could be better than hiring your minibus while out travelling. However, at the same time, hiring a minibus can also prove to be advantageous for business trips, school trips, concerts, weddings and so much more. Using this service will allow you have to easy access to all the places in Mansfield.

We aim to strive for excellence in all the services that we provide and because of our motto being that, we have always received positive feedback from all of our customers. The level of flexibility in our services and prices is unmatched as we understand the diverse backgrounds from which our customers come from and aspire to meet the requirements of each by providing excellent quality minibuses at different rates.

Our services also include the hiring of a driver to further relieve you of any hassles involved in driving around town. This can be particularly helpful if you do not know your way around Mansfield while travelling or for business purposes. Our drivers are highly qualified and would take you around town, ensuring your comfort and ease.

We take pride in our vast client base that has all had exceptional experiences with us, and we go all-out to maintain the level of quality in our services along with striving hard to upgrade it as well.

Attractions in Mansfield

Mansfield is a place with numerous attractions. This allows you to enjoy every moment as you go through different museums and castles while exploring the history of the town and at the same time, taking your time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Save cash and make the most of your holiday in Mansfield by booking one of the vehicles in our superb Mansfield Minibus Hire collection. Our transport services focus mainly on taking you around Mansfield’s main attraction sites and other places you may find pleasures in. Mansfield is the place to be whether it a weekend getaway if you want to unwind on your city break or explore. For those who want to have that memorable adventure, there are handfuls of places that you cannot afford to miss.  Some of these attractions include the following:

•    Nottingham Castle

One of the major attractions in Mansfield is the Nottingham Castle, which is a mansion with a spectacular view of the city. It also has a living museum and an art gallery, which brings out the history of Nottingham.

•    Sherwood Forest

This is a royal forest in Nottinghamshire, England and it is popular due to the fact that it is associated with the legend of Robin Hood. The forest attracts over one million tourists globally in any given year. Sherwood Forest is the major host of Robin Hood festival, which happens annually in the month of August. The great festival is associated with a lot of fun as the entertainment entails jousters and strolling players, musicians, rat-catchers, alchemists and fire eaters.  Art lovers have a reason to visit the place because there is a big Art and Craft Centre, which is situated in the heart of the forest. There are art studios and a café, and they act as the major hosts for any special event, among them craft demonstrations and exhibitions. If you want to visit the Sherwood Forest with friends, church group, colleagues or even a school trip, Mansfield Minibus Hire is there to offer transportation services to this beautiful site. The hassles of finding and reaching this place if you are the one driving are reduced as all our drivers are conversant with every attraction site.

•    Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall is located in Derbyshire and it is an architecturally significant Elizabeth country house in England. In order to explore the beauty of the Elizabethan era, it is of utmost importance that you visit Hardwick Hall. It is one of the sensational houses that will prove to be a beautiful site for sore eye. It is an awesome place to stroll and it has restaurants with great food and plenty of tables set outside if the weather is favourable. If you are looking for a place to visit during your holidays, Hardwick Hall is the place to be.

•    Rother Valley Country Park

This is major attraction site in Mansfield.  It is a huge park with nature reserves and five lakes. There are walking and cycling trails, watersports centres and a café.

•    Newstead Abbey

The Newstead Abbey is one of those places where you can just sit back and relax on a good day with your family as the area is perfect for a picnic. The building has a number of artefacts for you to explore and enjoy such as manuscripts and portraits. There are huge gardens with roses, waterfalls and streams that will further appease your aesthetic side. It is a dissolved monastery where water features fill the ground. In addition, it is the home of Bryon’s ancestors.

•    Wheelgate Park

If you are organising a school trip, Wheelgate Park should be your destination. It is a place that has so many fun activities for the kids.  The place has kid’s theme park with rides and Water Park. There are children’s adventure parks with rides, themed play zones, Water Park, pony rides and seasonal events.

•    Renishaw Hill

The Renishaw is a landscaped ground with guided tours, a museum, café and vineyard. It is one of those beautiful sites in Mansfield. Book the Mansfield Minibus Hire and we will make your trip enjoyable.

•    Mansfield Museum

For those who would wish to trace the social and industrial history of Mansfield town, this place is the ideal place for you. You get to learn a lot through hands-on exhibits, objects and photos. You will also learn the culture of the people living in this area.

•    The City of Caves

The city of caves is another one of the attractions which will allow you to explore the world that is hidden beneath your feet in the streets of Nottingham. Original sandstone caves will leave you mesmerised along with having tour guides making it all the more interesting as you go on an archaeological journey.

•    Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is one of those intriguing limestone gorges where the caves and cliffs are breathtakingly beautiful. It has fissures with old tools and art. The cave art will also allow you to enjoy as you explore the history and this place.

Top 10 things to do in Mansfield

Are you wondering what to do in Mansfield? The town has something for you and everyone else in your party.  A shopper’s paradise and historians dreamland, Mansfield has numerous places for you to enjoy and be mesmerised.

1)    Tropical Butterfly House. This is one of those places that you can visit if you desire to escape to a tropical climate. Viewing the birds and butterfly flying freely over you will leave you feeling exhilarated. The setting is created as a tropical rainforest, and you can view different breeds of birds along with snakes, crocodiles and spiders.

2)    Go Ape Sherwood Pines. This is a highly recommended adventure park for your inner child. It is more of a high ropes experience, allowing you to swing from one treetop to the next, making you feel like Tarzan.

3)    Derbyshire Pony Trekking. This is for all those horse lovers out there. The outdoor activity is for your whole family where you not only trek but also look out for buzzards, herons and other birds in their natural habitat.

4)    The Kurburgring. This one’s screaming out to the adventurous you. This place is recommended if you want to experience a unique racing ride. The track that has been created is demanding and exciting, and it includes 11 corners each of 450 meters in length.

5)    Wheelgate Adventure Park. This is a spot with exciting opportunities for an adventure where you can also enjoy the theme park and the water park all in one. You can even shoot in the air like an astronaut when you sit at the Luna Launch Tower. Whether it’s the Robin Hood’s water park or the Alien Galaxy Zone, it is all fun filled for your day out in Mansfield. If you are organising a school trip, Wheelgate Park should be your destination. It is a place that has so many fun activities for the kids. There are children’s adventure parks with rides, themed play zones, a water park, pony rides and seasonal events.

6)    The Robin Hood’s Major Oak Treasure Trail. As the name suggests, it is a trail where you go on a treasure hunt through the town of Edwinstowe all the way to the heart of Sherwood Forest. This exciting activity is made not only for kids but also for families and it is bound to keep you hooked on to it as you search for clues throughout the town and find out more about its history.

7)    Vicar Water Country Park. This includes a huge Vicar Pond at the centre, which is more of a fishing lake now. The golden hand sculpture is one of the main attractions of the park along with the abundant wildlife that you might come across here and there.

8)    Mansfield Town Center. Say hello to international brands along with independent retail stores. This is the hub of all major events taking place in Mansfield this year, and it is one of the places to visit to experience all of them.

9)    Mansfield Gold Club and Driving Range. The expansive green fields will ignite the golfer in you and make you want to try your hand at the game as well. Even if you’re not a golfer, the beauty of this place will make you want to visit and enjoy it

10)    Heights of Abraham.  The heights of Abraham is one of the attraction sites in Mansfield.  It is a hilltop park that will allow you to enjoy underground caves and caverns. The tours will allow you to witness the steps of the miners and a state-of-the-art lighting system. It has cavern tours, walking trails, fossil exhibitions and a café. The place is affordable as they charge $16 for adults and $11 for children if you happen to go up using the cable car. The place has beautiful views, friendly staff, good food, and the kids will enjoy to the fullest                                                               

Best Restaurants in Mansfield

Whichever town you’re visiting, eating out has become a trend and people have become foodies as they are attracted to unique and exquisite cuisines. Mansfield is one of those places where you will not be disappointed with the endless options of restaurants to choose from.

•    The Hostess

The Hostess is a family run restaurant that allows 180 people to be seated in it. With the main focus on presenting freshly made food and drinks, the thing that is different is that the menu changes weekly, which means that you will always be surprised at what you might find there. The hotel has excellent silver services and copes very well with mass catering. You are offered lots of courses and choice for a very reasonable price, which makes you appreciate the value of your money. There are comfy lounges to relax after your meals, and there is a disco room too for your entertainment.  The hotel also accommodates people living with disabilities as they have big spaces for people with wheelchairs. Their parking is also big enough and it can accommodate our buses. Whenever you are in Mansfield, feel comfortable to visit the hotel and you will enjoy their great services.

•    The Devonshire

The Devonshire is said to have superb food, which is prepared every day by the chefs and served with a smile. With a huge list of homemade desserts and Sunday lunch, you cannot go wrong at this place by trying out anything from the menu as everything on it will be well cooked to your taste. The hotel has welcoming, friendly, professional, polite and attentive staff. The food is good, and there is the good range on the menu, which changes over time. Their wine choice is also excellent and is accompanied by reasonable prices. The restaurant is comfortable without being overly formal and has a nice bar area.

•    The Red Gate Inn

The Red Gate Inn is called as one of the best-kept secrets of Mansfield. With a very warm and friendly atmosphere, you can get the best beers, spirits and ales in town. It is a promise from the restaurant that you will gasp with your very first bite and fall in love even before your second one. Their food is delicious, and the menu is comprehensive. The atmosphere is very cool and has great friendly service.  It is busy but not overcrowded and, therefore, if you are in a company of your friends, you can chat and enjoy your moment.

•    Ciao Bella Restaurant

Whenever you are in Mansfield, you can visit Ciao Bella Restaurant as it has the best services in the area. Their food is excellent and very reasonably priced for the quality, and their services outstanding. The staff members are extremely friendly, and they make you feel extremely welcome.

•    The Red Bar and Grill

Don’t get stranded whenever you are in Mansfield as you can visit The Red Bar and Grill restaurant. The restaurant has fantastic food, and the place has a fantastic atmosphere.  Large parties are typically held at the place, but their standards are never compromised. If you are organising a birthday party, make the restaurant your host as you will not be disappointed. At Mansfield Minibus Hire, we have vehicles that will make your dream trip a reality. Don’t pay more to get to these restaurants because we have vehicles that are affordable and comfortable enough to make your travel an excellent one. Call us today or make your bookings online and select your package. We will be happy to be part of adventures.

Hotels to stay in Mansfield

Mansfield offers you one of the best hotel experiences, involving different facilities and price ranges for your various purposes.

 •    4-Star Hotel

Starting off is a 4-star hotel- the Derbyshire; it serves the purpose of an ideal location for business travellers. The rooms are not only stylish but highly comfortable with all the hi-tech facilities that you could desire. What is even more attractive is that all the rooms offer complimentary wireless internet, flat screen television and tea and coffee making facilities.

•    The Eastwood Hall Hotel

The Eastwood Hall is another one of the 4-star hotels, which is located on the edge of the city centre of Nottingham and covers 26 acres of landscaped grounds. The location again is highly ideal as it is linked to the M1 motorway. The free parking is a plus point for you to easily access your vehicle and leave and come while at the same time, the vast grounds prove to be a place for you to sit back and relax and visit all the nearby attractions such as the Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle.

•    Mansfield Manor Hotel

Mansfield Manor Hotel is also located on beautiful historical grounds and is a stylish Georgian establishment that is close to the Mansfield’s town centre. With the free wireless internet available to all guests, the elegant hotel also proves to be one of the highly recommended ones for tourists and business travellers.

 •    Redbrick House

It is located in Sherwood Forest and 17 miles from Nottingham. The hotel has a restaurant, bar and free parking. All the bedrooms have flat screen TVs and free Wireless internet is available to all guests and bathrooms.

•    Mansfield Lodge Hotel

The hotel is located just a few meters from the Mansfield Centre. It has bright rooms with private bathrooms. They have excellent English breakfast, and there is free wireless internet available to all guests and free parking.

Upcoming Events in and around Mansfield in 2017 to 2018

Mansfield is one of the most happening towns with many events taking place after every week. The town offers a wide variety of events all through the year to keep you entertained. There is always a fantastic happening in Mansfield that’s worth seeing. If you are an art, food or music lover or even an outdoor fan, Mansfield Minibus Hire has the right packages for you.

From 31st August until 1st September, you can enter your child into a baby competition called the ‘I Love Mansfield’ Tiny Tots 2017. This competition is open to children from 0-36 months, and there are many goodies to be won.

With a lot of natural beauty residing in this part of the town, the second and the third day of September are reserved for Mansfield’s Garden and Craft Festival, which exhibits the best of the vegetables, fruits and flowers along with baking competitions being held.

For all the car lovers out there, Mansfield has a car show held in September, which includes vintage, classic, rally and new cars along with motorbikes. In short, it is a paradise for the car lovers with even vintage engines kept on display.

Ghost Hunt at the village Mansfield is another event coming in Mansfield, and it will be happening on 17th February 2018. The event is meant to investigate the village. You will be taken around that dark and sinister location by the team working there. Also, you will have the privilege to act as the investigator and also be involved in the experiments and contact the people who reside in the village.

For those who love films and music, Mansfield has an event for you on 22nd February 2018. Mansfield Central Library will be hosting a series of dementia friendly screenings of classic films and musicals. You can come with your friends, colleagues or your family members and enjoy an afternoon film on the big screen in the welcoming setting of the library’s auditorium. These screenings are not limited to anyone and, therefore, you should feel free to attend and talk, sing and even move during those screenings.

For sports lovers, Mansfield has something for you to enjoy. There will be an evening with Ricky Hatton on 9th February 2018. Ricky has come back in the town for a great and unique entertainment. There will be so many activities on that day, and people will have the privilege to take pictures with Ricky before the start of the show. There will be an auction with exclusive Ricky Hatton items to bid on.

Mansfield Towns and Postcodes




NG1    Nottingham    Nottingham City Centre 


NG10    NOTTINGHAM    Long Eaton, Sawley, Sandiacre


NG11    NOTTINGHAM    Clifton, Ruddington, Gotham, Kingston on Soar

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